The El Paso County Search and Rescue Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the organization. The Board consists of the President (who acts as the Chairman of the Board), Vice President (responsible for human resources and discipline), Secretary, Treasurer, and one at-large director for every 10 members of the organization. The board sets policy and manages the day-to-day business of EPCSAR.

When a mission occurs, EPCSAR operates under the Incident Command System (ICS). A group of trained Coordinators and Incident Commanders manages the response to and execution of missions. The Operations Director is in charge of operational issues and the training of operational and mission management personnel. At least one Coordinator is on duty at any given time, and he or she will coordinate missions with the Sheriff’s Office when they receive a search and rescue 911 notification.

sign on rocky mountainside

Board of Directors

Jay Christianson

Vice President
Alyssa Karpa

Larry Dunn

Keith Lonnquist

Eric Babcock
Jennifer Christianson
Jimmy Do
Barb Gray
Kyle Green
Brian Kinsey
John Noll
Tyler Purvine

Mission Leaders

Operations Director
Patrick Kerscher

Deputy Operations Directors
Jeff Fladung
Tim Hayden
Brian Kinsey
John Noll

Medical Director
Timothy Hurtado D.O.

Senior Coordinators
Larry Dunn
Skee Hipszky

Harland Baker
Pat Burgess
Jay Christianson
Larry Gilliam